Trade Gate

Heros are on their way into the city. The Queen of the City Summons for them once they make their presence known. She tells them that she has heard small things about them and wishes to know more about them. She is old enough to remember Zynth. But she was only a child when he was around. Tells them about people seeing a figure that resembled the headless horseman,
No reward. just experience.

possible run ins:
Arinafalo pulls them aside and tells them what happened.

Notable Figures:
Queen Alsana
Squire who gets them- Edward

Why people are in the city:

Xandir- Its the biggest trade city in the world. Even he can use supplies.

Arinafalo- He was captured by a Devil that works for Zynth. He said he was gone for what felt like 3 years. He had to remember what happened when he came back. He was back the next day. When he arrived he left straight for the capitol. When he got back he didnt know the day or time, he just went straight to the capitol. The business was burned down. He holds up Matt to the bargain. He wants the dragon egg from the top of the tree.

Rex- In town for a city run. His is the body they will find when they see the HH



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