995 ago there was a group of heroes who defeated an evil Sorcerer named Zynth, and his attempts to rule the world. The heroes fought valiantly and were able to banish the great sorcerer and his undead army back to the Fourth Layer of Hell. There he will wait for 1000 years, getting stronger to claim what he believes is his. The heroes who fought died in combat while battling Zynth.
One Hero survived. The storyteller of the group. A Bard named Bard. He would write many stories of their adventures and how they were able to get out of many situations. He had one Book that contained all the stories they ever had. He would spread the word of the great heroes and how they escaped death multiple times in their efforts to battle Zynth.
Zynth was able to draw power from any he wished. He was able to unite both Devils and Demons while banished. He is held as the highest magic user in all planes of existence. Others who tell the story of the battle see it as a fluke that they were able to banish him. They say that the only way the heroes were able to get that close was because of their Artifacts.
The heroes were adorned with their Artifacts in preparation for battle. The strong relics were used for them to try to equal the power of Zynth. Each of the heroes had a set of items that would complete their regalia. Any amount of items from 3-5 for each of the champions. These Relics were picked up after the battle by Bard. In his last years known he has hidden the artifacts. He said, “The items will need to choose again.” Meaning, that when Zynth comes back, the heroes who would be able to defeat him, would find these Items. Along with these items, Bard was able to find two items that belonged to Zynth’s subordinates; Avazul and Coldsteel.
Avazul is known for being able lead massive amounts of undead. While Coldsteel is known for combat prowess. They have made a portion of the world known for being evil.
Khordavia, A place in the world of Etheria that gives no fucks. For nearly 1000 years it has been the source of anything and everything that is evil. Some believe that in the middle of Khordavia, there is a great dead tree. And that tree is believed to be the point where Zynth will return. Oracles have foreseen this event and say that the stars will be aligned just right on the day Zynth returns. And if he is able to come out through that gate in time, he will be able to open all of the Gates of Hell. And he will be able to join the Gods as one of them.
Zynth has relationships with some of the Gods and he himself wants to become one. He is one of few who is able to communicate with Gods. Some believe it is his Amulet around his neck, though no one is certain. Many Gods do not wish to have Zynth join them. Even though he is of power, They do not believe him to be ready. Many have risen against him and have wanted to fight him. However, if they were to lose, he would become a God. They must challenge him in order for him to become a God, and he must win. Pelor, The Sun God, is the strong opposing Force to Zynth becoming a God. His Clerics and Paladins are known for being Great Warriors in Combat. To become a true Cleric of Pelor you must have an interaction with him.



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